The AI Fashion
Ecommerce Engine

Artificial Intelligence is of course one of the most important developments in the tech world in the last twenty years. However, AI by itself is a just like any other important new technology - cloud computing, 3D, virtual reality – in need of solutions to fulfill its massive upside. One area of great potential is in visual computing. With deep learning, or convolutional neural networks, visual search becomes a reality. Magna Global estimates the global search market at $113 billion in 2018 and visual search is the categories hottest new segment.

In ecommerce, visual search allows consumers to shop more naturally. As our flagship marketplace product SiBi - See It Buy It implies, shoppers can find and buy matches instantly to anything they see. If an item is too expensive, just snap a picture of it and get back dozens of matches at varying price points. See a fashion item on Instagram you like – just feed the image to the engine and get matches. Favorite color mint or fuchsia? Just submit the color to the engine and you’ll get back mint handbags, shoes, dresses, hats and even jeans.

The nFlate AI Fashion Ecommerce Engine

nFlate offers the same fashion engine that drives SiBi to 3rd parties. The engine includes the visual search front-end and the full ecommerce fashion backend, allowing partners to add ecommerce fashion search, discovery and purchasing to their platform in just a few days. The engine is ideal for any company that has a large user base and is looking for new and unique ways to monetize their platform.

"Shop This Look”

Pinterest was one of the 1st social media companies to integrate visual search. Whenever a user views a post they are also delivered similar item matches. Cool, right? If you’re interested in “this” look, why not show you more like it? However, we’re believe the concept should be taken a step further – if you like this look, here’s similar looks that you can buy right now. Without leaving the site/app. Simple concept – Shop This Look.

Take a look at the below example. A platform user is viewing a series of posts. They choose one they like. An overlay on the post shows a message indicating this post is shoppable. The user clicks on the link, the image is submitted to our ecommerce engine and we deliver back to the platform dozens of matches, in just a second or two. If the user finds an item they like, they select it from the list and we submit the full product information to the platform. You can use our standard page formats or deploy your own. The user completes the purchase experience, selecting colors and sizes and checks out, using our securely-vaulted ecommerce backend.

Thousands of Merchants, Millions of Products

The SiBi marketplace is part of the Shopify sales channel ecosystem. This gives us access to over 600k merchants, representing tens of millions of products. SiBi currently focuses on fashion and will begin to add more products categories. The SiBi catalog currently has close to 2000 merchants and 750k fashion items. To see examples of the types of products available, click on any merchant in the logo carousel below.


The SiBi Fashion Engine is available website and mobile app integrations. The engine can be deployed in most cases with just a few lines of code. For more complex integrations, nFlate will work with partners to deploy a custom solution. Organizations that can benefit from the SiBi Fashion Engine include:

  • Social Media Sites Apps
  • Fashion Bloggers
  • Celebrity Sites
  • Media & Publishing Companies
  • Phone Manufacturers